“Pompeii or Bust” Charity Banger Rally Challenge – 28th September to 4th October 2019

“Pompeii or Bust” Charity Banger Rally Challenge – 28th September to 4th October 2019

We’d entered our 2nd Charity Banger Rally Challenge and decided to pick “Team America” as our theme for 2019, so that was going to involve a simple respray and some costumes, but #Sharky had other ideas this year. Lets wind back to May 2019 and #Sharky’s massive misdemeanour….

Yup the gearbox went BANG, turns out Honda’s aren’t bullet proof if you let all the transmission oil drip out…..

#Sharky being recovered by Saunders to our Friends at Pit Stop Letchworth

So our £370 Banger that was going to cost us nothing for 2019 ended up costing us a second hand gearbox and nearly tripling it’s original purchase price. Naughty #Sharky, Anyway Massive thanks to Pit Stop Letchworth who sourced us a working Gearbox, new Clutch and fitted it all back together…. Don’t forget the gearbox we’ll come back to that later on…. Ominous I know.

Any way back to Summer 2019, Theme has been picked and “Team America” is a Go. F**k yeah…. so on we cracked with stripping 2018’s stickers, repairing the leading edge of the bonnet and then respraying #Sharky, taking inspiration from the Movie Team America and their Humvee.

Another 2 more mods we made for 2019 first was our 150db Airhorn 🙂 honk honk. we decided to wire it in to the non-working headlight washer button, which sits slap bang in the middle of the centre of the dashboard. a massive thanks to my Dad for helping us out with this job. the second mod was more of a display addition, and that was our Team America Rocket rack that I knocked up out of MDF, Drain pipes and some screw, these weren’t strong enough to be on all the time, so they were only sat on the roof when we arrived at the starting event in St Austell

Roll on September 28th and we set off on our 5 hour plus drive to St Austell for booking in, we knew we had to be there before 3pm and the rally would start at 5pm, so time was of the essence to get rolling, after an uneventful drive down started to see other teams on their way down like the Storm Troopers in their Mercedes SLK, and one team with a green Peugeot 405 Estate, I’ve not see one of those for years, arriving in St Austell we filled up then made our way to Pentewan Sands who were hosting the Banger Rally Challenge starting event. ohh I also met Donald Trump and it started to rain.

After check in we started on our daily questions and route planning for the evening as it wasn’t a straight drive to Plymouth like it was last year, We started off en-mass at 5pm and drove in convoy to Mevagissey where be caused a massive traffic jam and tons of noise as the locals come out in the rain to wave us off, as we doubled back into St Austell we start off east towards Plymouth before splitting up to find our own ways to the locations of some of the days tasks like Take a team selfie at Minions, find the Hurlers? we didn’t find that one and then no to Plymouth for a team photograph at a specific location again I think we missed that one

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