“Gib or Bust” Charity Banger Rally Challenge – 29th September to 5th October 2018

“Gib or Bust” Charity Banger Rally Challenge – 29th September to 5th October 2018

This was our 1st Charity Banger Rally, and for it we’d purchased a £370 1998 Honda CR-V, which was already in a Matt Grey/Black colour, After much modification like rebuilding the rear wheel arches using the remaining metal from a tumble dryer, and changing the Wheels & Tyres, Starter Motor, Alternator, Cam, Air-Con and Aux Belts & Fitting a new Battery we set about Painting on our custom P-40 Warhawk Shark Mouth and Eyes and #Sharky was born, MOT’d in July #Sharky was on the road and taking it to and from work once a week I was fairly confident that it would indeed make it from Cornwall to Gibraltar ok.

as we knew we’d finish around the Gibraltar areas we planned to come home with #Sharky doing our own road trip, which I’ll document in a different post. ( )

Saturday 29th September 2018

So the morning of the Saturday 29th September we set off from Home towards St Austell, we decided to take the Route to Cornwall via Stonehenge, as neither of us have even been there before, but after sitting in nearly an hour of traffic around it, we decided to carry on driving past and push on to our hotel in Bodmin, we arrived around 17:00 which gave use time to check in and freshen up for the Pre-Rally start evening Party, which was held at the Cornwall Hotel and Spa in St Austell which would also double up as the starting location for the rally on Sunday. Arriving at the party we were greeted by one of the team of organisers who gave us a rundown of what was planned for the evening, like the Hog Roast, Local Brewery supplied Bar, the dance tent and when the live band was due to start.

we took the opportunity before the sunset to checkout some of the other rally cars that had already arrived, many looked to have spent much more effort of decoration then we had, case in point, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vectra and The Blues Brother S60, other highlights were Darren’s classic Micra K10 Automatic & the obligatory London TX4

As it got dark we returned to the party tent for drinks and live music, before leaving to our hotel for night.

Sunday 30th September 2018

To start our day we took in a nice full English fried breakfast at the Pub “Victoria Inn” that was attached to the travelodge, we then checked out and drove the short distance back to the Cornwall Hotel and Spa. We parked up behind about another 15 cars or so and went to find booking which was taking place the the big top tent, We were introduced to Peter who would be our team leader for the event, he’d not be hard to find as he was dressed as Elvis in a white jumpsuit 🙂

Peter gave us our route notes for the day, which he advised we read, as there would be questions to answer for points before we get to the ferry later in the afternoon. Returning back to #Sharky, we did a little cleaning with come t-cut as I’d noticed there was some over spray on the passenger side windows, we also picked up the camera and took a wander round to see what other cars and teams were joining us. Can I just say there were some teams who’d made quite a bit more effort into their costumes and cars than we had. so I felt bad that we’d not made more effort ourselves.

Before we knew it it was almost 13:00 our scheduled departure team, all the teams returned to their cars and it was time for “Teams Start You’re Engines ” time, lining up at the main gate we were guide out and onto the start of our route by the local scooter/ lambretta club, many many local people came out to line the streets and we filled the air with the sound of honking horns, It was a spectacle to be involved in.

As we weaved our was through St Austell we took the A390 & A38 toward our destination of the day Brittany Ferries at Plymouth harbor. As the teams arrived we filled the check-in lines with many many colourful and loud cars much to the amusement of the ferry companies staff. eventually they got us all booked in and embarked onto the Ferry Pont-Aven ready for our 15:45 departure time. casting off the ferry slowly departed as we watched England disappear into the distance from the aft desk.

The Ferry was due to take until lunchtime the following day to reach Santandar, Spain so we had plenty time to wander about the ship, finding the answer to our daily route note questions, questions like how many life boats, what was the captain’s name, take a photo in the Bay of Biscay with GPS Coordinates extra points if you get another boat in the background things like that, it kept us busy for a while.

as the evening arrived we went on the hunt for food, we eventually opted for the Cafe style restaurant where we had a nice-ish Pizza & slice of cake, good healthy food you know….. eventually we retired to our cabin for the night.

Monday 1st October 2018


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